Frequently asked questions

What am I getting exactly?

For each item you order, you will receive a link to download a PDF file. The files contains the artwork of your chosen product, ready to be printed out on your home or school printer. Please click here to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader that opens these files.

How many times can I download a purchase?

All purchases are currently limited to 10 downloads from our site. Free resources have unlimited downloads. Please ensure you keep a copy of any digital downloads on your local computer or network as once a resource has been downloaded 10 times, it will no longer be available without repurchasing or contacting us.

Can I share the free resources with friends?

We Encourage you to share our free resources whenever possible. Please do not share any purchased resources unless a licence has been discussed with us first.

Why do I need to register to use the site?

We are required by law to show your details on any invoice we produce in your name. These details are stored in your account along with access to any digital downloads you have ordered from us, whether free or paid.